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 September 04, 2017

Let Erin Help with Your Questions

Drawing of Erin, LegalShield chat icon

To accommodate your changing communications habits, the new automated virtual assistant, Erin, will serve as the first line of customer service on the LegalShield homepage as well as within Facebook Messenger. Erin can provide you with answers to common questions and redirect inquiries to a member services representative for a live chat.

With Erin now able to speak directly to you and assist with basic questions, such as how to update billing information. LegalShield continues to improve its already excellent, award-winning customer service by integrating efficient automation tools. You can access Erin by clicking the box on the bottom right corner of the LegalShield homepage and typing in the chat box. A version of this tool is also fully integrated within the company’s Facebook Messenger platform as well.

“We designed Erin to be an extension of what our members appreciate the most about LegalShield’s outstanding customer service—so we developed an avatar that is approachable, friendly and intelligent,” said Oscar Garza, Product Development Manager for Mobile, Automation and Intelligence, of LegalShield. “After testing various names, our team landed on Erin, which is also a subtle nod to another strong female with the same name: Erin Brockovich.”


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