What a First Time LegalShield Caller Needs to Know

Member Benefits - September 4, 2017
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The best way to fully comprehend the benefits of your LegalShield membership is to use it to contact your provider law firm. It is important to call early on during a legal issue to make sure you fully understand your rights and options. The following information will help you know what to expect when you call your LegalShield provider law firm. If you have a legal matter, do not wait to call.

  • Download the LegalShield App. The app connects you to your provider law firm via your smartphone. The LegalShield app gives you access to the LegalShield will questionnaire, contact information and provides important legal tips and plan information. You may also update your membership information directly through the app. Download the app from the Android App store or iTunes today.
  • Call your LegalShield provider law firm. Your path to legal assistance begins with your provider law firm. In addition to calling you provider firm through the app, their phone number is listed on your membership card. Once you call, you will be asked to provide your name and membership number. If you need assistance locating your provider firm or membership number call LegalShield member services at 1.800.654.7757.
  • Your provider law firm’s representative will ask you to provide basic information about the nature of your case. This may include the name and address of the other party or parties involved in your issue. You will be asked to provide a brief description of your matter as well as information on any pending court dates or deadlines. You will also be asked to offer a primary and alternate phone number. The representative will provide you with an intake or file number assigned to your particular legal matter. Be sure to take note of the number, as it will be used to reference your matter should you call back or need to provide documentation. An attorney will attempt to reach you within eight business hours of your initial call.
  • Have the details of your case available when you speak with the attorney. The attorney will use the initial consultation to determine what options are available to you. They may request specific documentation for review and provide you with instructions for transmitting those documents. Include your name and intake or file number on any documents you send to your provider law firm. Do not mail original documents to your provider law firm. Send your provider law firm copies and retain the originals for your records.
  • If you need any membership assistance contact LegalShield member services. Member services can assist you by providing information on your plan and updating account. You may also request a membership card or will questionnaire.
  • Visit your LegalShield members-only website. The members-only site gives you access to information on your provider law firm, legal forms, videos and many other valuable resources. Click here to log in. If you need assistance contact member services.
  • Check your email for our survey. Excellent customer service is a priority for LegalShield. We send email surveys to learn about your experience using your membership. Your response helps us further improve and refine our service. Our survey is short and easy to complete. In addition, we offer quarterly prize drawings for members who complete their survey.

LegalShield provides access to legal services offered by a network of provider law firms to LegalShield Members through member-based participation. Neither LegalShield nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation or advice. See a plan contract at legalshield.com for specific state of residence for complete terms, coverage, amounts, and conditions. This is not intended to be legal or medical advice. Please contact a medical professional for medical advice or assistance and an attorney for legal advice or assistance.