What You Need to Know Before Buying a Timeshare

September 04, 2017

Consumer Purchase Legal Assistance

With the weather warming and the beginning of spring at hand, many consumers are starting to consider their summer vacation plans. Some may even purchase timeshares. Read these tips before you consider a timeshare.

• Look at the big picture. Make sure you understand the full cost of the timeshare, the yearly maintenance fees, terms and conditions. Ask a lot of questions and do not accept vague answers. If a salesperson is vague or evasive, walk away.

• It is a buyer’s market. Like the housing market, there are currently more timeshares for sale than there are buyers. Shop around, you may be able to purchase at a discount.

• A timeshare is not an investment. Buying a timeshare is similar to buying a car in that the value will not increase after your purchase. Purchase a timeshare because you want to use it, not because you want to invest your money.

• Ignore high-pressure sales tactics. Timeshare sales can be full of gimmicks and free giveaways, but you should not purchase a timeshare because of a free TV. Make sure it is the timeshare you are buying in to and not the sales tactics.

• Do not be afraid to walk away. By walking away from a high-pressure salesperson, you can take control.

• Before you sign anything have your documents reviewed and talk to your LegalShield provider law firm. Take advantage of your LegalShield membership and call today!