Effective Lease Agreements for Landlords

Using legally sound lease agreements is a great way to protect your real estate investments. LegalShield provides a suite of affordable services for landlords.

Protect Your Investments with a Solid Lease Agreement

74.4% of rental properties are owned by individual investors*. Whether you have one property or have built a small real estate empire, it’s important to protect your investments by using legally sound lease agreements. 

Landlord tenant law is different in every state. As such, it’s important that the lease agreements you use follow the regulations in your local area. While starting with an online template can save money, the best way to make sure you have the legal protection you need is to work with a real estate attorney that understands the laws in your state.

As a LegalShield member, you’ll not only have access to attorney drafted templates, you get an unlimited amount of phone consultation with a local attorney. 

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Four Key Rental Agreement Terms to Include

While lease agreements need to follow local law, there are four key terms that should be included in any rental agreement. 

  1. Maximum occupancy limits that meet the Fair Housing Act regulations 
  2. Address of the rental unit and the signatures of all adults living in the unit
  3. The term of the tenancy so both parties are on the same page
  4. Clear statements about the amount, date and manner of submitting rental payments

For a small monthly fee, LegalShield attorneys in your state are available to review your lease agreement and provide feedback in 3 business days or less. 

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Have an Attorney Resolve Lease Disputes

Unfortunately, even tenants who have signed airtight lease agreements could damage property or fail to pay rent from time to time. LegalShield is here to help you. 

  1. Review the lease and keep records of all actions you take
  2. Know the laws in your state and be sure to meet your obligations as a landlord
  3. Send a notice of late rent that meets the terms of your rental agreement
  4. If you get no response, talk to the tenant to better understand the reason for breach
  5. Send a pay or quit notice (the first step in most eviction processes)
  6. File for eviction

In many states, tenants have substantial rights. If you’re unsure about how to handle a dispute, join LegalShield and our attorneys can guide you. In more serious situations, your attorney can get involved directly to negotiate a positive resolution.


How a LegalShield Small Business Plan Works for Leases

All LegalShield plans come jam-packed with valuable benefits. When it comes to dealing with rental property leases, the most common plan usage is in two areas.


You can speak with a landlord/tenant lawyer to get questions answered about the laws in your state and get advice about what you need to include in your lease agreement to protect your investment property.


You can submit any documents up to 15 pages each and have your attorney provide feedback. Also, you can download an attorney drafted lease template, fill it out and have your attorney make sure you’ve completed it correctly.


You get the best of both worlds. You have the help of an attorney to make sure your lease agreements are legally sound AND you save a ton of money.

​​​​Mark M.
New Mexico Member and Independent Sales Associate
The sample forms that were provided, that covered: rent/lease agreements, were very useful. In my case, the lease agreement proved to be airtight in two, separate court cases. This gave more confidence in and proved your value to me. 
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Key Features of Our Small Business Legal Plans

LegalShield’s business plans can help you in the following areas.

Advice, Consultation and Research

Legal consultation from a provider attorney on business legal matters, with legal research for each issue, if needed.

Letters or Phone Calls

Receive help with business legal matters more efficiently with professional communications issued on your behalf.

Document Review

Put business-related legal documents through legal review.

Collection Letters
Collection Letters

A collection letter from a provider attorney could help you recoup payments more efficiently.