How the ADA Impacts Employers

The Americans with Disabilities Act sets out certain legal obligations employers must follow. Employment attorneys can help you navigate your rights and responsibilities.

Understand Your Obligations Under the ADA

As an employer, it’s important for you to be aware of how the ADA impacts your hiring process and the operation of your business. Here are the basics.

• Title I of the ADA applies to private employers with 15 or more employees

• You cannot discriminate against job candidates based on defined disabilities

• You must make reasonable work accommodations for qualified applicants

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Make Sure You’re Following the Law

Creating ADA compliant hiring processes, employee policy documentation and making ADA compliant job accommodations can be overwhelming.

• What qualifies as a disability under the ADA?

• What constitutes a reasonable accommodation in my line of work?

• What is SSI and how does it relate to the ADA?

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Dealing With ADA Violations or Lawsuits

If a job applicant or employee files a complaint or a full-blown lawsuit claiming you’ve violated the ADA, LegalShield has you covered.

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How a Legalshield Small Business Plan Works for Employment Law

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Get Help With ADA Compliance and Complaints
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Key Features of Our Small Business Legal Plans

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