Get Legal Help to Comply with ADA Laws

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets out certain legal obligations employers must follow to accommodation claims, the key is to be proactive not reactive when it comes to ADA cases.

Understand your obligations under ADA law

As an employer, it’s important to understand how the ADA impacts your hiring process and the operation of your business. Here are the business owner basics.

  • Title I of the ADA applies to private employers with 15 or more employees
  • Employers are prohibited from discriminating against people with disabilities in hiring, paying, promoting or training
  • You must make reasonable work accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities

If you have a general question about ADA compliance, are facing an employee claim, or have been sued, join LegalShield today.

Make sure you’re following ADA standards

Creating ADA-compliant hiring processes, employee policy documentation, and making ADA-compliant job accommodations can seem overwhelming, and you may have questions.

  • Is my business covered by the employment provisions of the ADA?
  • What qualifies as a disability under the ADA?
  • What constitutes reasonable accommodation in my line of work?
  • What is protected under the ADA?

Small business plans from LegalShield allow you to seek advice from a provider lawyer, have them review employment documents, discuss your hiring processes, and have them write a letter on behalf of your business to help you stay on the right side of the law.

Dealing with ADA violations or lawsuits

Failing to comply with the directives of the ADA puts your business at risk for potential legal claims. If a job applicant or employee files an ADA lawsuit or complaint, having access to a provider lawyer is critical to understanding the deadlines and preparing a response. LegalShield provides access for your business to a provider law firm. If you are a LegalShield member and become involved in an ADA case, you can contact your provider law firm for consultation, advice, document review, and more.

All small business plans from LegalShield include benefits of ADA defense lawyer consultation, document review, lawyer-drafted letters, and phone calls on behalf of your business to help resolve legal issues. LegalShield’s Small Business Legal Plus and Small Business Legal Pro plans include an optional trial defense add-on for only $14.95/month that includes a designated number of pre-trial and trial hours.

Regardless of your specific legal need, review plan details and cost-effective pricing to find the membership level that best suits your situation.

Key features of our Small Business Legal Plans

LegalShield’s business plans can help you in the following areas.

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Advice, consultation and research

Legal consultation from a provider lawyer on business legal matters, with legal research for each issue, if needed.

Phone receiver

Letters and phone calls

Receive help with business legal matters more efficiently with professional communications issued on your behalf.

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Document review

Put business-related legal documents through legal review.

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Collection letters

A collection letter from a provider lawyer could help you recoup payments more efficiently.

How LegalShield works

Finding solutions to your legal issues doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated or expensive. LegalShield puts the power of legal representation within reach of any individual, family, or business. We work hard to make it easy, simple, and affordable to get the legal help you need, when you need it.

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Get help with ADA compliance and complaints

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