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Your Personal Legal Plan can help with any personal legal matter, and it even includes 24/7 emergency access* to a LegalShield lawyer through a dedicated phone line. Coverage starts as soon as your membership starts.

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Urgent Legal Need?

If you have an urgent legal need (pre-existing matters included) that requires assistance immediately, as a LegalShield member, you can receive a call from your lawyer in as little as 4 hours after initial contact for the following services:

  • 24/7 Emergency Access*
  • Consultation Services (on a multitude of personal legal matters)
  • Estate Planning Services
  • Motor Vehicle Services

All of these services can be accessed immediately after purchase.

How It Works

Legal issues can be confusing, complicated, and even a little embarrassing. Save time, save money, and protect yourself and your family with a legal plan today. Here’s how it works.


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Sign up for your Personal Legal Plan, and then head to to set up your account. Be sure to add your spouse and dependent children.


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Download our app, it’s like having a lawyer in your pocket. Our customer care agents are available 24/7 for covered legal emergencies.


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From the app you can choose to call your law firm, submit a traffic ticket, start your Will or other documents, request emergency legal help, and more. It’s that easy.

*Situations covered under 24/7 emergency access include: if you are arrested, facing an injury from an auto accident, served a criminal warrant, or the state attempting to take your child(ren).

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