What Do You Need a Wedding Contract For?

Marriage - May 5, 2023
Happy bride and groom on their wedding day

You and your partner have decided to tie the knot! You feel like you’re floating as you begin the process of finding the perfect venue and vendors for your wedding day. From location and clothing to food and music, you know everything is going to be perfect. But soon, you come crashing back down to earth as you realize how complex this could get! Every person you hire and every item you rent comes with one complication: a contract.

What is a wedding contract?

A wedding contract is any piece of legally binding paper that you sign when you enter an agreement with another party related to your big day. Some of the big ones are venue reservations, clothing rentals, catering, music, and photography services. If you want other options like a wedding planner or a videographer, the paperwork quickly piles up.

Let’s go over the details of each common type of wedding contract.

The more info, the better! Each type of contract should include as many details as possible to avoid confusion and legal issues down the road. A rule of thumb for almost every wedding contract is to include the location, time, and date of the wedding, as well as the total costs and fees of each service.

Wedding reception table setup with beautiful flowers

Wedding venue contract

Include the names of all wedding party members, the number of guests, and the exact beginning and end times of your event. Name and describe the exact rooms you will need. List the items you’ll use, such as furniture, silverware, number of chairs and tables, etc. Make sure you know the venue’s liability policy. Be specific about the required fees, deposits, and total cost.

Wedding dress rental or purchase

List items like the name, address, and contact information of the salon where you found your dress. Write the day and time you purchased your dress, as well as the total amount and any deposits you put down. Don’t forget to name your consultants and the dress details like designer, color, size, measurements, and any alterations.

Wedding DJ contract

You can move and groove with ease when you’ve made arrangements with your DJ beforehand. This agreement should list the songs you want played, as well as when to start and stop certain numbers for special dances. Include the equipment the DJ will bring and what you are required to provide. Specify what to do if cancellation or postponement becomes an issue.

Wedding florist contract

Flowers are essential to a marriage ceremony. List the exact flowers, prices, and arrangements you’ve purchased. Agree on when the florist should arrive and where they should deliver the flowers. If the florist is providing other decorations, list those out too—as well as details for how you want them set up.

Catering services

What’s a wedding without the food? Include details like number of guests and the kind of food service you want. Write down the menus and special accommodations for food allergies. Make sure to list your caterer’s license. If guests will be paying for their meals, put the prices in writing.

Wedding cake contractNewly married couple looking at photos of the event with their photographer

While we’re on the subject of food, let’s talk cake. This will be featured in many photos and videos, so be specific about the cake size, color, decorations, filling, and other details. List ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for you or others. Work out what to do if the event is postponed, the cake is wrong, or other problems arise on the big day.

Wedding photography contract or videography contract

How do you want to remember your special day? Write down the hours in which you want your photographer and/or videographer to work. Specify the packages you’ve agreed on and the method of delivery. Make it clear who else gets to receive copies of the final edits.

Wedding planner contract

A wedding planner can make the whole process smoother! Agree on who will book services like the ones listed above. Decide how many consultations you get with your planner and whether they will be at the wedding in person. When is the last day you can get a refund if the planner doesn’t work out? Make arrangements for how, when, and why to cancel your agreement if you are unsatisfied.

With LegalShield, wedding agreements don’t have to be complicated.

While wedding contracts don’t sound romantic, they will drastically help you enjoy your special day by eliminating confusion, worry, and last-minute drama. But it takes great patience and an understanding of “legalese” to make signing paperwork simple. Fortunately, LegalShield can help with that!

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Your wedding day should be perfect. But getting married is no walk in the park, especially when you consider the legal responsibilities you must tackle. Read our legal guide for getting married to answer some more questions you might not have thought of yet. Have you thought about wedding insurance? If not, check out, “What Is Wedding Insurance? Why Do You Need It?

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