What is Wedding Insurance? Why Do You Need It?

Marriage - May 2, 2023
Bride-to-be wearing a veil wondering if she needs wedding insurance

Picture this: You’ve rented a beautiful venue for the wedding of your dreams. You arrive the day before your wedding to decorate and make it perfect. But you discover that the kitchen flooded overnight! You bring in some fans and try to make do. Later that same day, a storm rolls through and knocks out the electricity. Is it time to make other plans? But what about all the money you’ve already spent on this venue?

Say “I Do” to protection & peace of mind

Wedding event insurance could make these last-minute decisions a lot easier. This special coverage protects you against unforeseen accidents and problems leading up to and during your wedding.

Various types of wedding insurance coverage exist as security against the different issues that could arise. Perhaps a guest damages something belonging to the venue. Maybe the bride’s gown gets torn, or the best man misplaces the ring before the ceremony. The venue owners may even give you a nasty surprise by canceling their agreement with you. During all the hustle and bustle of wedding prep, you can rest easier knowing you have protections in place.

Bride holding a bridal bouquet.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Insurance can help alleviate many of the common issues you could face before and during your wedding day:

Liability coverage

You want your guests to enjoy themselves. But if someone has a little too much fun, maybe stumbling off the dance floor and breaking a chair, you could be held responsible for those costs. Wedding liability insurance coverage helps you pay for damages or injuries caused during your event. So, if that guest blames you for putting that chair in their way, your wedding insurance helps you pay for their sprained wrist as well.

Postponement or cancellation

When you are preparing for a large event with a lot of people, things are almost certain to go wrong. Wedding postponement insurance exists to keep you sane and help pay the costs of last-minute plan changes. Here are a few of the major things that could happen to make you hold off on the big day:

Problems with the locationGold wedding bands laying on paper money.

Remember the nightmare flood scenario we mentioned earlier? The site you have reserved could easily experience problems like water damage, fire, power outage, and more. But what if you have already paid your wedding venue deposits? Your insurance is there to help in situations just like this.

Unforeseen weather conditions

Weather is another major factor. Everyone wants a lovely day for the photos and the memories. But if storms, ice and snow, heat warnings, and other big weather occurrences cause you to call off the party, wedding insurance helps cover you and your rental costs.

Illness or injury

We’ve all heard horror stories about someone in the family getting sick or injured at the worst possible time. Maybe the bride’s mother catches the flu, or the groom falls and breaks his leg a day before the event. If you have coverage in place, this can secure you against costs incurred by having to postpone due to unforeseen illness or injury.

Sudden job changes

Work is the last thing on your mind when you are about to marry the love of your life. But sometimes, work won’t give you a day off! If your job suddenly decides to move you to a new city right before the wedding, or the military says you must ship out immediately, insurance can protect your hard-earned money that you’ve spent on reservations and contracts.

Issues with the vendor

Maybe your cake artist isn’t able to finish on time, or your caterer gets ill. Nobody wants to assume that their vendors are going to cancel at the last minute. But planning for the worst will help protect you in case that exact thing happens, causing you to reschedule.

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How much does wedding insurance cost?

It depends on your provider. Generally, the cost can start around $100 or $125. If you add other types of coverage to your plan, the cost can climb quite quickly. But consider how much money you are already spending on the venue, vendors, clothing, music, and all the other aspects that are going to make your day special. Adding some protection can keep that money from going to waste if any problems come up.

What are some other types of wedding insurance?

Think about how many expensive things are involved in your big day. You probably have a special dress, some costly rings, sentimental possessions, and other valuable items as part of the ceremony. Wedding insurance companies might not offer these protections as part of their coverage. However, it will still be worthwhile to look into purchasing protection on a few basics:

Wedding dressWoman looking at possible wedding gowns.

Often, your chosen wedding insurance company will offer to cover this important part of the big day. But if not, you should find a company that does. Bridal gowns can cost thousands of dollars! And even if you’re a thrifty individual who is hunting for your dream dress in a resale shop, the amount of effort and love you put into this piece of clothing makes it worth protecting.

Engagement and wedding rings

You want to wear these rings for the rest of your life. But a lot can happen in a lifetime!

  • You could misplace your ring on vacation, at the gym, in a restaurant, or anywhere else.
  • You may accidentally damage it or lose a precious stone from the setting.
  • Though nobody wants to think about this, your ring could even get stolen.

Engagement or wedding ring insurance can help you with replacing, repairing, or reimbursing that special jewelry.

How can a lawyer help with wedding insurance issues?

Your wedding is easily one of the most important days of your life. Naturally, you want the day to be perfect. When things go wrong—as they are almost bound to do—you need to have protection in place so things can still go as smoothly as possible. But as you look over potential policies and try to determine which plans are best for your situation, things can get confusing fast.

Have a LegalShield lawyer help you with the ins and outs of wedding insurance! Here are just a few of the ways we can give you some peace of mind as you plan for the best while protecting against the worst:

  • Your LegalShield lawyer can review paperwork like insurance policies, contracts and more.
  • Your provider lawyer is able to assist in document preparation at a 25% discount from the provider’s hourly rate.
  • Your lawyer can answer various legal questions you have.
  • If you have a covered legal emergency, you can get 24/7 emergency access to your LegalShield law firm.

Preparing for a wedding requires lots of planning! Don’t go into it without some legal protection on your side. Sign up for a LegalShield personal plan to receive the services you need.

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