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Spring Cleaning Tips for Building Your Worth

Posted on Sep 04, 2017

  • Does the warmer weather have you thinking about cleaning out the cobwebs of winter?

    The start of the Spring season is a nice time to not only clear out any clutter from your home, but also freshen up your finances and maybe free up a few extra dollars in the process. 

    Here are some tips for financial Spring cleaning:

    1)  Get rid of financial disorder by tossing out unneeded paperwork and canceling services (like cable) if they no longer fits your lifestyle. Here’s a list of records you should file away and how long to keep them. 

    2)  Organize for next year’s taxes by creating a folder or a computer file to record charitable deductions or other receipts for use in 2011.  

    3)  Review your credit card statements and credit report since accuracy on both is important to your present and future financial well being. 

    4) Are the beneficiaries up to date on your Will and other financial documents? Life changes over the years and the people you named when the accounts were open may not be your choices anymore.     
    5) Revisit your insurance policies to verify the coverage is just right to adequately cover your current home, vehicle(s) and other property. 

    6)  Clean house by honestly looking at your financial situation. How does your bank account look? Bad financial habits and poor decisions are probably not working in your 
    favor, so make the changes that can help create better financial opportunities for you as you build your Pre-Paid Legal business.  



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