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Last Will & Testament

Protect and Empower Your Loved Ones

Creating a Will on your own can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Without the help of a lawyer, you may not have the peace of mind that your wishes will be communicated to your loved ones or that a court will honor your wishes.

Most lawyers charge an average of $1,500 to draft a basic Will and Estate Plan. There is a better option.

A LegalShield Plan is just $29.95/month. It covers you, your spouse and your children and comes with a Will drafted by your provider lawyer at no additional charge. 

Eliminate Family Conflict

Part of our responsibility to our family is preparing for our passing and making sure that the legal aspects of our affairs are as organized and manageable as possible.

A Last Will and Testament (“Will”) is a legal document which provides who is to receive your property after your death, who will administer your estate, who will serve as guardian of your children, if applicable, and other provisions. It is important that your wishes are communicated to your loved ones and gives them guidance in making difficult decisions. Questions of guardianship of children and even pets may be left to the courts if you die without a Will.

Sadly, 35% of Americans say they have had some sort of family conflict due to a loved one dying without a Will. Without clear direction on distributing your assets, your family may be left without direction and may experience conflict.

A well drafted Will helps make sure your loved ones are taken care of in the manner you wish, and that provides at least a small measure of comfort during a difficult time. Each state has laws governing Wills. Please contact your provider law firm for assistance.

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Save Time and Money

If you pass away without a Will, it’s referred to as having died intestate. If this happens, a court must determine how to distribute your assets. The more this process drags on, the more fees and taxes your loved ones end up paying.

Without a Will, probate can consume your loved ones' time for up to 2 years and eat up 3-7% of the value of your estate.

You can save your family from this probate nightmare by working with an experienced estate planning lawyer to make sure your estate is in order.

Plan for the Unexpected

As your life changes, so should your Will. Major life events are often signs you should create, or update your Will.

  • Marriage
  • Engagement
  • Children
  • Retirement
  • Divorce
  • Purchase or Sale of home
  • Business ownership
  • Death of a loved one

Work with an experienced lawyer to create a Last Will & Testament which can be updated to accommodate your needs as your life changes.

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Dive Deeper into Estate Planning

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How LegalShield Works

Finding solutions to your legal issues doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated or expensive.

LegalShield puts the power of legal representation within reach of any individual, family or business. We work hard to make it easy, simple and affordable to get the legal help you need, when you need it.

See What Our Customers Say

  • The lawyer who spoke with me was extremely helpful. She answered all my questions, made sure I knew where to complete the Will forms online, and called me to confirm information to complete our forms. The completed Will, Power of Attorney, and Directive to Physicians were completed and back to us within a week. We were pleased and would highly recommend your services.
    Sharon H.
    Texas Member
    The lawyer who spoke with me was extremely helpful. She answered all my que..
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    I have had an above and beyond experience each time I've reached out to the support team. I ask questions and I get great feed back and informative information that has helped me with my situation that I would not have know if it wasn't for the attorney informing me of my rights. Thank you and keep doing a wonderful job.
    Renita L.
    Missouri Member
    I have had an above and beyond experience each time I've reached out to the..
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    They called me back before the allotted time frame and looked over the documentation quickly as well. I have been able to handle what I needed to on my end because they have been so thorough.
    Ohio Member
    They called me back before the allotted time frame and looked over the docu..
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