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Button Shortcode

For sections where you can’t add a button widget, you can add the shortcode, which accepts serveral parameters, the default color is black, but you can choose color white or purple (maybe more pink than purple), and it opens in the same window, but you can modify that, and finanly, you can also add your own classes, some examples below (open the editor to see the shortcodes):

Utility classes

Align buttons in cards

Aligning content

no-btext-carousel This utility class will help you aligne this especific sections so that the buttons are aligned at the bottom

Once you add the class here

It should look like this


.et_pb_accordion_item to each accordion if by any chance it doens’t have the class (if you didn’t copy it from the monster layout) please add that class, it will add the arrows, if you still show the default arrows below it, go to the design tab, choose icon and change color to transparent.

If the space in the closed tabs ttitle doesn’t look right, try to add this class .toggle-space

This classes can be found in the customizer, please don’t edit them, but rather add yours if you need a change that won’t be global

As seen in

As seen in

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Based on 456 reviews | Showing our favorite reviews

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