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Member Stories

Kristy Gillmann
I think it’s important that members know that they have access, no matter how small, because your time is worth something.
Jill Feeney
If I didn't have LegalShield, I definitely would not have called a lawyer. It would have just cost too much.
David Allen
It was helpful to be able to call a lawyer. It turns out that not only did they help me, but they really helped the whole community.
Anita Koch
I was owed a refund. My lawyer made sure I got it.
Fernando Thomas Aguilar
I was glad to have a lawyer on my side when a debt company wouldn’t leave me alone.

* The typical member will receive telephone consultation and legal advice, but the outcome and experience of any individual member will vary depending on the facts and applicable law. Actual LegalShield member and associate.

Member Stories

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