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 January 12, 2023

Do You Have the Security You Deserve in 2023?

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Happy New Year! Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Many folks are declaring that 2023 will be the year in which they take better care of themselves physically, emotionally and financially.

Others have decided to make 2023 the year of relaxation—to focus only on the things they can control and change for the better. What have you decided to do in 2023? You have endless options!

Work smarter, not harder

Whether you resolve to work harder or to relax more, you should bring legal and identity theft protection with you into the new year. Have you decided to build better habits? Make sure one of those habits is to keep your law firm and your identity theft specialist on speed dial.

Perhaps you’ve resolved to take it slow, to stop frustrating yourself with constant attempts at perfection. That’s a healthy decision too! But don’t relax your legal and identity security while you’re at it!

Questions to ask yourself

While you are making these big decisions, it may be helpful for you to ask yourself a few questions:

Legal protection:
• Are you planning to buy or sell a property, rent a home, or start leasing to a tenant?
• Do you need a lawyer’s help with estate planning needs?
• Do you know what to do if you receive a traffic ticket or get involved in a traffic-related legal matter?
• Do you wish you had access to a lawyer without having to pay hundreds of dollars per hour?
• Do you worry about what to do if a legal emergency arises?

Identity protection:
• Do you want your social media accounts to reflect the best version of yourself?
• Do you wish you could keep a closer eye on your credit score and financial accounts?
• Are you able to watch over your children’s Social Security numbers?
• Would you like to know how safe your neighborhood is from sex offenders?
• Do you know what to do if you have an identity theft emergency?

Affordable legal & identity theft protection

As you can see, there are many reasons why it is essential to add legal and identity theft protection to your 2023 toolkit. A LegalShield plan provides the legal protection you deserve by giving you affordable access to a team of LegalShield provider lawyers at a fraction of other law firms’ expensive hourly costs.

And when you sign up for an IDShield plan, you receive our extensive identity protection services including monitoring, alerts, access to identity theft specialists for help and advice, and assistance from Licensed Private Investigators to restore your stolen identity to its pre-theft status.

In 2023, you can work smarter—not harder! Let LegalShield and IDShield do the hard work for you while you kick back, relax, and know that your legal needs and identity security are in expert hands.

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