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 August 10, 2021

LegalShield Launches Enhanced, User-Friendly Mobile App

Image of multiple smartphone displaying various pages of the LegalShield Mobil App

We know our members are busy. That’s why we’ve enhanced our mobile app to make it easier and faster for you to get the legal assistance you need.

Here are 4 key takeaways from our new app:

1. Easier and more convenient to connect with your provider lawyer.

Our new app provides scheduling options between you and your provider lawyer. You still have the option to receive a callback “ASAP” to speak with a provider lawyer within four business hours, but for the first time ever, you can now also choose the best time for you by scheduling a specific time and date for a callback. Additionally, you can leave the best number to call you back.

These improvements will help make life easier for both members and provider lawyers and limit the game of phone-tag!

2. More options to submit specific legal matters, to match you with the best provider lawyer for the job.

Choose from one of the top area of law categories (e.g., consumer rights, estate planning, traffic, family law, landlord/tenant, employment or real estate) and don’t worry examples of topics for each category is provided. You can upload files, including images and videos, to support your request. Examples include pictures of; a TV screen damaged in a bungled delivery; a bite inflicted by the neighbor’s dog; or a threatening letter from a housing association.

By allowing you to submit more information upfront, we can better match you with the right lawyer to help with your exact issue.

3. Improved process updates help guide you and make calls more productive.

Little things make the process much more streamlined and productive for members. For example, members will now:

  • Receive a confirmation page right on the app followed by an email to let you know the provider received the service request.
  • Have the opportunity to double check everything and make sure you include all pertinent information before sending to your provider law firm.

4. New features to make your life easier down the road.

Some simple additions to the app can go a very long way, including a new “invite” feature that lets you add your spouse on the LegalShield Family Plan in one click. Easy, and everyone benefits.

Make sure to update your app to receive these new benefits.

Our mobile app updates improve the overall functionality and process of contacting and connecting with a provider lawyer, and we can’t wait for you to use it.

To do so, make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app and an active LegalShield membership. When you open the app, you will receive a message prompting you to update. Click “Update,” and in a few minutes, you will gain access to all these new improvements.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. d/b/a LegalShield (“LegalShield”) provides access to legal services offered by a network of provider law firms to LegalShield members through membership-based participation. Specific limitations apply. See a plan contract for specific state of residence for complete terms, coverage, amounts, and conditions. The benefits described, including trial defense, are not available in all legal plans or in all states. Neither LegalShield nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation, or legal advice (business consulting or business advice). This is meant to provide general information and is not intended to provide legal advice, render an opinion, or provide any specific recommendations. If you are a LegalShield member, please contact your provider law firm for legal advice or assistance.


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