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Get Legal Help Near You

Talk to an independent associate in your area who can walk you through all the plan options.


Commercial Drivers

Protect Yourself On And Off The Road

Get legal protection to keep your job and your income safe.

A Law Firm Dedicated To You

You can count on your provider law firm when a legal issue comes up on the job.

"It's important for members to know that they have access, no matter how big or small the issue, because your time is worth something."

"If I didn't have LegalShield, I definitely would not have called a lawyer because it would've just cost too much."

How It Works

Have an issue, accident or just need assistance? Simply reach out to your law firm for help.

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What Is Covered

Whether it’s a minor need or a major issue, you have access to professional legal assistance.

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Plans And Pricing

We have the perfect plans to fit your needs and pricing that makes it easy to get protected.

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Stay Connected

Once you're a member, download our free mobile app for help with 24/7 covered emergencies with the press of a button.